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The categories of visitors include footwear brands and agents , Distributors, wholesalers, retailers, fashion buyers, franchisees, import traders, department stores / shopping centers, online shoppers / online e-commerce, brand supporting buyers, investment institutions, high-end goods manufacturers, Wholesale market or multi-brand shops, trade associations, design institutes, designers, etc. The exhibition, as an important trade show platform for the finished footwear industry in China, has brought many business opportunities for the finished footwear enterprises to explore overseas markets and the Chinese market. This exhibition We will continue to step up our efforts to invite e-commerce online retailers, e-commerce distributors, department stores, Chinese distributors and shoe chains to visit and purchase. 

China International Shoe Fair-Asian Shoe First Exhibition five highlights



● 带您开拓中国巨大鞋业市场,聚焦世界鞋业目光 目前,中国以年消费鞋类38.5亿双超过美国的21.33亿双,成为世界上成品鞋消费量最大的国家。中国人的消费观念也发生了巨大的转变,不仅满足于商品的实用价值,更关注商品的品牌价值。中国,是一个巨大的市场。中国,已聚焦了全世界的目光。此时,国内鞋企正在创建属于自己的品牌;此时国际鞋业品牌正瞄准中国市场。第18届广州国际鞋业展览会,一个顺应中国市场发展的现代化专业成品鞋业展览展示平台、一个海内外鞋企业推广品牌、辐射品牌魅力的中高端鞋品的集聚地


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