2019 CantonSF Guangzhou China International Shoes Fair


Venue:Poly World Trade Center  (pazhou,Guangzhou,China)




2019 The 19th CantonSF Guangzhou China International Shoes Fair

Basic information:

Date: 2018.12.5-7

Venue:Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall (pazhou,Guangzhou,China)

Number of exhibitors: 500 (expected)

Exhibition scale: 30000 square meters (expected)

Visitors: 35000 professional spectators (expected)

Organizer: Hongkong New International Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Guangzhou Ruihong Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

Support unit: National Shoe Dealer Alliance/ Fashion Guangzhou Shoe Design Week/ Zhengzhou Commercial Federation

National Union of Shoe Designer/ National Department Store Business Market Alliance/Hubei Industrial and Commercial Federation


About CSF Guangzhou International Shoes Fair

CSF China Shoes Fair Guangzhou International Shoes Fair is the new exhibition by the Hong Kong International Exhibition Company and Asia's leading exhibition operator Guangzhou Ruihong Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. jointly create the footwear industry professional finished footwear exhibition. The 2018 exhibition will be held in Guangzhou - Pazhou - Poly World Trade Center on 27th-29th May,2018.

Take you to develop China's huge footwear market, focusing on the world footwear industry

At present, China consumes 3.85 billion pairs of shoes each year exceeding 21.33 pairs in the United States, making it the country with the largest consumption of finished shoes in the world. Chinese people's consumption concept has also undergone tremendous changes, not only satisfied with the practical value of the product, but also pay more attention to the brand value of the product. China is a huge market. China has focused its attention on the world. At this point, the domestic shoe enterprises are creating their own brand; this time the international footwear brand is targeting the Chinese market. The 18th Guangzhou International Shoes Fair, a follow the development of the Chinese market modern professional finished footwear exhibition platform, a shoe business at home and abroad to promote the brand, radiation brand charm of high-end footwear gathering!

The last show was successfully closed on  2nd November , 2017 with a total number of 29,877 visitors, including 9,390 in Guangdong Province, 14,086 in other provinces and 6,391 overseas buyers. The categories of visitors include footwear brands and agents , Distributors, wholesalers, retailers, fashion buyers, franchisees, import traders, department stores / shopping centers, online shoppers / online e-commerce, brand supporting buyers, investment institutions, high-end goods manufacturers, Wholesale market or multi-brand shops, trade associations, design institutes, designers, etc. The exhibition, as an important trade show platform for the finished footwear industry in China, has brought many business opportunities for the finished footwear enterprises to explore overseas markets and the Chinese market. This exhibition We will continue to step up our efforts to invite e-commerce online retailers, e-commerce distributors, department stores, Chinese distributors and shoe chains to visit and purchase. The fair also hosts famous brands (stores): Wangfujing, Xiushui Street, Beijing Road, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Canton 100

department stores, Guangzhou Tee Mall, Grandview Plaza, TaiKoo Hui and other large international high-end shopping malls; and Also directly invited to the second and third tier cities and counties agents to show up to discuss matters relating to procurement and sales agents.

Gather professional precision buyers 35,000 + professional audience gathered in the event

Focus on online retailers of e-commerce, e-commerce micro-businesses, department stores, Chinese channels, chain shoes City, distributors, wholesalers, fashion buyers, franchisees, import traders, department stores / shopping centers, Brand supporting buyers, investment institutions, high-end goods, footwear trade circulation and footwear industry!

Locked high-end distribution agency footwear store channels International audience huge growth 6,000 + overseas audience

Exhibits Range:

Men and women's fashion shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, children's shoes, indoor shoes, slippers, sandals, boots, safety shoes labor insurance shoes, special shoes and other footwear products and footwear accessories and other related products.

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